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The Wizard Of Oz And Other Conspiracies _If you will bring your camp stools a little closer to the fire, Jimmy, Janey and Johnny, I_ll tell you a story that started a long time ago, in a country far away and also right here in the good old US of A. A bunch of people decided that it would be a good thing for them to run the world, for their own benefit, of course. They were very smart, so smart that they were able to create their money and control game in such a way that even when they let all the rest of us see it, we weren_t able to recognize it as a game._
_Jimmy, turn around and count the number of trees you can see by the campfire light, _ the man said. Jimmy turned and said, _I can see eight trees in the campfire light, but I know there are more out there._ The man said, _Do you know how far out the trees grow from here?_ and Jimmy said, _No. I can_t see the edge of the forest, _ and the man said, _I know that, Jimmy. You can see the trees but not the forest._
Jimmy looked at the man, waiting for the rest of the story.
The man looked at Jimmy and said, _Think of the forest as a game board, Jimmy, that you will be playing for all of your life. Do you think you can win, if you don_t know the rules and don_t even know that you are playing a game?_ _No, _ said Jimmy, _I cannot win that game._
_Exactly, _ said the man. _Now let me tell you the story of an imaginary, fairy tale ordinary man who only needed a piece of cloth and a booming microphone to convince thousands and thousands of people that he was a wizard, who could make all their dreamse true, and all their children_s and THEIR children_s dreamse true, if only they believed in him._
The storyteller went on to explain that the man in the story was called _The Wizard of Oz, _ and he ruled a kingdom from behind a curtain that was in a place where the edges of the land of Oz could not be seen, yet all the people played his game in Oz without knowing it was a game, and they played it by his rules, and they didn_t know that they were his rules, or even that the rules existed, because they couldn_t see that they were playing any game at all. This was the great wizardry of this man.
Other people who read the story saw that the Wizard of Oz did a great job of winning his game, so they set up their own game just the way the Wizard had done. They didn_t show the edges of the game board so all the people thought that they were free to live their lives any way they wanted to, playing and controlling their own games of life. What they did not know was that they had been given just a small part of the game board to play on, and the Wizards kept the rest for themselves. Even the Kings and presidents did not know that they were playing, the Wizards were so clever. The kings and presidents and senators and mayors and CEO_s and bankers, (some of the smaller of them), thought that THEY were winning, poor dears, but the only winning was what the Wizards let them win and the only control over anything was what the Wizards let them control, and the people rarely, if ever, won anything.
So we have governments allowed to be set up to run people_s lives, but it_s not they who are really running anything. It_s the Wizards who are behind many curtains running our games. They are called bankers or industrialists or the Power Behind the Throne, or the Club of Rome, or the Bilderburg Group, or the Secret Society of Freemasons, or the Skull and Bones organization. They function in the open under many names, and some without names, without worry of exposure because they own the means of exposure, deep down exposure, so that information never leaks under the closed doors behind which they do their ruling and playing, and they nevere out from behind the curtains.
It_s they who decide which of us will win an election, and crowned President or Premiere, or be allowed to build apany that makes someone rich. It_s they who decide whichpanies succeed or fail and you can bet that the only ones that are allowed to succeed are those that will bring more power or money to THEM.
Who decided that John Kennedy was killed by one lone demented person, when all the evidence said no? Who decided that the three World Trade Center buildings were destroyed by airplanes when so much of the evidence said no? Who decided to invade Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction, when they knew there were none? Who decided to set up the Federal Reserve, in 1913, knowing that it was a guaranteed way of controlling the country, through the currency? Who makes sure that there will not be a strong third party allowed in America, because They control the Democrats and Republicans, and will not allowpetition?
The list of questions stretches out to the edges of the game board, but are never allowed to be answered truthfully. There are limits to what we are allowed to know and say. One thing is for sure. If you decide to find the edges of the game board, and get close, you will find out that you should not have gone there.
profile/A.-Sanford/206754>A. Sanford

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