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Teen Auto Insurance - What Is The Price Of Protection?

Teen Auto Insurance - What Is The Price Of Protection?

New drivers are extremely naive for the first several years and everyone knows this. Years of statistics have shown the insurance companies that these new drivers have a much greater chance of getting into an accident and this has an unfortunate effect, it causes extremely high insurance premiums. If the teen's parents put them on their current insurance its going to increase by one to two thousands dollars a year. There is no way to stop this spike in prices but there are a few tactics that can lessen it. The following is a few tips that can help. 1- Ride with your young driver. This sounds strange but simply showing your teen how to drive safely can help them not get into an accident which will help your insurance not go up anymore. 2- Never buy your teen a sports car or an SUV. Both have higher insurance then your normal sedan. Sports cars have a higher top speed which some teens like to test, this can lead to a very bad crash which can severely damage the occupants of the car along with anything else it hits. SUVs are a lot heavier than smaller cars and are more difficult to control some times, also when an SUV is an accident it has the potential to do much more damage to its surroundings then a smaller vehicle. 3- If you're teen has a job ask them to pay for a small percentage of the insurance. If they want to drive they should be somewhat responsible for the fees. 4- Encourage your teens to get better grades. A student with a 3.0 GPA or better can have a 10% lower insurance premium then students with bad grades. This is by far the biggest help when it comes to lowering cost of teen insurance. 5- Also there are many programs sponsored by insurance agencies that allow your new driver to lower their premium. Some of these programs will have the new driver go to special classes that focus on safety and being a good driver. Some classes even mount cameras in your teen's car and reviews them and tells the teen how to be a better driver. This method was shown on many big news networks a few years ago. Not all companies take part in these programs but it is something to ask about. 6- If you are looking for a another car insurance policy for your teen your best bet is to go online and get several quotes and compare. Many companies that allow there potential clients to get quotes online have much better deals then a real world agency. The competition online is so large that the companies have to lower there premiums. So you get the best deals when looking for auto insurance. Now the price is not going to be much lower but saving 5-10% should be seen as a victory. When your son or daughter turns 21 there insurance drops a pretty good amount and drop more after that. Remember the biggest thing that can help you is making sure your teen knows how to drive safely. Good Luck. CLicksmore is the best place to find a clicksmore auto insurance quote online! The number one place to find clicksmore auto insurance rate quotes! Check it out here, all you need is your zip code --> clicksmore Click Here

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